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levynite asked: 15! Femslash, dealer's choice!


Levy darling… femslash dealer’s choice is a dangerous choice! :D You’re mostly into Marvel these days, right?


15: Natash Romanov/Kat Dennings meeting in the E.R/A&E

“Sir, I understand you’re in pain,” Kat tried, gripping the surgical needle defensively, “but if you don’t calm the hell down right now, I’m going to call security on your ass, and then who will stitch up your arm?”

The crazy-eyed hellion on the stretcher was so far beyond rationality that he didn’t even pretend to comprehend what Kat was saying. He launched himself out of the bed and straight towards Kat, bloody fist pulled back to make what was sure be a clumsy but still painful hit.

Kat couldn’t run — thanks to the eighteen teen car pileup on the icy interstate during this morning’s rush hour, the ER was packed with people on stretchers, dazed victims wandering around waiting to be called, and frantic doctors trying to do their best. There wasn’t enough room to maneuver, and at least if she let the freaked-out bastard belt her one, no one else would get hurt in an ineffective mad dash to get away.

She closed her eyes and braced herself, but the hit never landed.

“Dr. Dennings?” a low, smoky voice inquired.

Kat cracked one eye open, then both as she took in the sight before her. Lunatic arm laceration guy was practically dangling from Natasha’s grip, face screwed up in a silent scream of pain. Kat instinctively squared her shoulders, showing off her boobs as best was possible under scrubs, and brushed a hand over six hours of human debris and bodily fluids in a vain effort to hide the stains.

“Dr. Romanov,” Kat replied, grinning. “Perfect timing.”

Natasha smirked, then twisted and shoved, forcing her captive back onto the stretcher. She held him down easily, his panicked squirming nothing against her practiced physicality. Natasha was a physical therapist, but she was also certified in more kinds of martial arts than Kat had ever known existed before their acquaintance.

Did Kat have a crush? Why, yes, since you asked. Yes, she did.

“Got something to cool this little bastard down?” Natasha asked calmly, raising an eyebrow at Kat’s blatant awed staring.

“Of course,” Kat rushed to agree. She hustled to the drawers next to the stretcher and pulled out the quickest-acting sedative she could find. “Thank you again,” she said as she carelessly jabbed the writhing patient. “Seriously. I basically didn’t have a chance to get away from him fast enough with tripping over someone else. I owe you so big.”

“You do, do you?” Natasha hummed, a smiling twitching at the corners of her full, red, thoroughly kissable lips. “In that case, how about you take me out to dinner tonight when our shifts end? Gambrius’?”

Kat grinned as the body under their hands went limp. “Sounds good to me. I’m all about showing the proper appreciation.”

To her delight, Natasha laughed as she pulled away from the stretcher. “See you in a few hours, then,” she said.

Kat was so distracted by the artful sway of Natasha’s hips as she walked away that she almost forgot to turn around and finish her sutures.


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batik96 asked: 12. (I assume my ship is a given, since I sail under the Smiley flag!)


Anything for you, darling! Enjoy! :)


12: Johnlock Writer and Editor AU

John’s fingers tapped restlessly on the ratty arm of the plaid chair Sherlock denied he’d bought just for these little conversations. His tea sat untouched on the table next to him, not as an insult to Mrs. Hudson’s hospitality, but as an effort to reduce his jittery irritation. Caffeine probably was a bad idea at this point. Perhaps Molly’s suggestion to take some diazepam before coming over to discuss the edits wasn’t so far out of line after all.

Why had he let Molly and Mike talk him into taking on their most tempestuous client? John wasn’t the most respected editor in London, but his no-nonsense approach to difficult conversations had certainly pushed Molly’s independent publishing company to the forefront of an otherwise stuffy, closed-ranks pack. It helped that Molly’s idea was so unique, of course. A pathologist, an ex-military doctor, and several other scientists made a stunning team when it came to printing only scientifically accurate crime novels and nonfiction. It was a niche market, but a thriving one nonetheless.

John toyed with his red pen, ink-stained fingertips spinning the implement quickly over his hand while he waited for Sherlock to see his most recent client out. John still hadn’t decided whether it was a good thing or bad thing, that he was the only editor in England who was able to deal with Sherlock, to convince him to make necessary changes.

Most of the time.

The street door slammed hard enough to rattle the full teacup near John’s elbow, and John suppressed a smirk. Another one bites the dust.

“Idiot,” Sherlock huffed as he blustered back in the front door. “Yes, his wife cheating on him is certainly insulting, but so is it to her that he refuses to consider her pleasure. Is cunnulingus really so difficult to engage in?”

“Uh,” John coughed, tugging at his collar a bit. “Not so much, no.” John still hadn’t pinned down Sherlock’s sexuality, but he supposed this answered his question about his experience with women. And given just how bloody attractive the insufferable idiot was, Sherlock’s lack of knowledge certainly wasn’t down to anything but his own unwillingness to learn. John found that somewhat… encouraging. “Let’s get back to our conversation, shall we?”

“No,” Sherlock dismissed, waiving his hand. “I’m not writing fiction here, John, nor sensationalism. It’s a simple, straight-forward book. No embellishments.”

“Simple and straightforward to your mind, perhaps,” John pointed out, frowning. “But not everyone shares your mental capacity, remember?”

“All too often,” Sherlock said darkly, dropping into the leather and modernistic monstrosity that was his own chair.

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tockae asked: 00q and nr 4 bc i have a mighty need


Whoa. So… this one got away from me. It’s almost 2,000 words! Soooo much potential! Thanks for the awesome prompt :)

(In this, Vesper didn’t die in Italy. She wasn’t suicidal because she knew she was pregnant. She got away and managed to hide in Greece for a couple years before her past caught up to her.)

(In the second part, dialogue in italics is sign language.)


4: 00Q Teacher/Single Parent AU

James took a deep breath as he strode purposefully down the hallway. He wasn’t nervous — he didn’t do nervous — but his heart beat a little faster at the meeting he was about to attend. Heads of state, international assassins, bomb techs with twitchy fingers holding dull tools, sharks strapped with explosives… none of them had had his palms sweating the way they were now.

There was something exceedingly nerve-wracking about being called into your daughter’s headmaster’s office.

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Playing superheroes with the kid. These are our fierce faces! I always get to be the bad guy of course : )

Playing superheroes with the kid. These are our fierce faces! I always get to be the bad guy of course : )

fernweh [feyrn-vey]

—(noun) This wonderful, untranslatable German word describes the feeling of homesickness for a far away land, a place you have never visited. Do not confuse this with the english word, wanderlust; Fernweh is much more profound, it is the feeling of an unsatisfied urge to escape and discover new places, almost a sort of sadness. You miss a place you have never experienced, as opposed to lusting over it or desiring it like wanderlust. You are seeking freedom and self-discovery, but not a particular home. (via tightlocked)

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you don’t realise how much tumblr has changed your view on things until you spend time with friends who don’t have tumblr and they say something and you’re just like


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